Walt Disney Television (WDT) strives to entertain and inform viewers in a way that reflects the vast diversity of our world. Creative Talent Development & Inclusion’s (CTDI) mission is to identify talent with diverse and intriguing life experiences with the goal to staff on WDT series.

Whether it’s writing, directing or acting, many of our program participants have made compelling and invaluable contributions to the creative process. From writing scripts for ABC’s Scandal to directing episodes of Freeform’s The Fosters, CTDI’s program participants are actively making a difference in the television landscape.

CTDI also serves as a liaison between WDT and diversity-related coalitions, nonprofit arts institutions and entertainment industry guilds. Additionally, CTDI is an in-house resource for WDT current programming and development executives for information such as staffing suggestions for writers and directors as well as network diversity statistics for on-camera and production talent.